cowork and

Cultural Space



We have in the open space and on the balcony, private and shared desks and offices with unlimited wireless internet, UPS access, unlimited scanning, limited copying and printing, lockers and lounge areas.


Since 2021 we take control of Maputo Fast Forward, a platform about technology and innovation. We have several partnerships with different projects and cultural players such as Gala Gala Festival, Pfhuka Sessions, Brazil-Mozambique Cultural Center, Cine Teatro Scala, TELA Platform, among others.


and Shops

Kay Brunch Café é um restaurante e bar criativo com comida deliciosa e saudável, situado no nosso tranquilo jardim verde e cheio de vida. Onde pode também visitar a loja Lanas Mozambique que produz e vende artigos feitos em Capulana.